Olle Danelsson Story

My friends think I should tell my story of my memorable carrier and event-filled life. It has been packed with events that have taken me around the world and let me experience some truly unusual things, both through my work and in my private life. I have been privileged to get to meet and build relationships with some world-famous people and I want to give you a glance at my life.
Here is my story.

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Se the Menu FAMOUS PEOPLE, from the Business World, Film, Sport etc, whom I have met.

Se the Menu WOMEN, Filmstars from Hollywood etc, whom I have met. Now 2015 I have been asked to arrrange MRS UNIVERSE for 40 Beautiful women from 30 years old.

Se the Menu FILM, where I have produced my JAMES BOND STORY and  OFFICE -85 with future PC/Computors etc.


I inform my boss and CEO Pehr G. Gyllenhammar.

My first job before going to business school at the University- Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg, was at SKF in Paris 1958. In those days, De Gaulle was the biggest and Brigitte Bardot was at her peak of beauty.

After that, my eventful period at Volvo with President Gunnar Engellau acting as my mentor began. When P.G. Gyllenhammar became the president in 1971, he elected me onto the company management board as SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT and  the youngest director at Volvo. He remained my boss for 12 years. Se the Menu VOLVO.

Volvo Data

In 1969, I became head of Volvo data, which is now called Volvo IT with 6000 employees.

As head who had just taken over VOLVO-DATA 1969 I was commissioned to build a complete new internationally acclaimed computer building with an innovative new generation of IBM computers for Volvo. At the time, this was one of the largest computer centers in Europé. It was completed in 1971 and is today called VOLVO IT , largest  in Sweden with 6000 employees world-wide. Se the Menu VOLVO-DATA/VOLVO IT.

Framtidens Datorer

I designed back in 1977 the future of PC / COMPUTERS in collaboration with IBM and Others.

I initiated OFFICE-85 (“KONTOR-85”) on a DVD (Se the Menu FILM) at Volvo as early as 1977 aiming for 1985 to be a new generation of PC/Computers. I created detailed specifications in consultation with the Swedish Telecommunications Authorities. (See Project Office 85.) Consultations took place with the world’s leading computer manufacturers, mainly in California, IBM, Xerox, Univac and Philips etc in order to coordinate large computers, word processors and electronic telephone switchboards. It became an internationally acclaimed collaboration. who contributed to the furure PC. I initiated Sweden’s and probably the world’s first major electronic telephone switchboard in cooperation with the telecommunication giant, Eriksson. Se the Menu FUTURE PC / COMPUTERS.


Minister of Communications Anitha Bondestam and I arrive here with Jet to the opening of Gothenburg City Airport.

Year 1977, I was commissioned by Gothenburgs leading Business Companies and the Municipality to build a completely new civilian airport GOTHENBURG CITY AIRPORT. My position was as both President and Chairman until 1983 when I moved abroad. More information Se the Menu CITY AIRPORT.


Here I am with Angelica Smeding (Mrs. Netherlands Universe 2014).

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In the LEFT MENU you can follow my career and my life experiences through text, pictures and videos …

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Dressed for succcès

“Dressed for succcès” with a superstar from Holland 2016.

Se the Menu WOMEN.


My latest creation, and love, is my family business SKANDIA FRANCE, Real Estate on the French Riviera. I started this company in 1987, after my career in Volvos management. With 25 years experience we have developed into one of the largest and oldest real estate agents in Scandinavia in the French Riviera. If you want to find your dream home in what is considered the world’s most beautiful surroundings with the Mediterranean, magnificent snow-capped Alps, charming villages, food culture and the arts, welcome to contact us.

Website:  www.skandiafrance.com    email:  olle@skandia-france.com

Michel Johnson

World champion Michael Johnson.

At the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ATHLETICS in Gothenburg 1995, I had the pleasure of receiving all the medalists in a secluded room, where I kept the medals in my glass safes. Among the medal winners I personally got to know were the world’s most successful runners Merlene Otttey, with 4 Olympic Games medals and 8 world Championship medals and Michael Johnson, who was always unbeatable at 200 and 400 meters, with 4 Olympic Gold Medals and 8 World Championships Gold Medals. More information Se the Menu WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ATHLETICS IN GOTHENBURG 1995.

PG Gyllenhammar

PG Gyllenhammar and I after a successful tennis tour.

Se the Menu Menu MY TENNIS CAREER, with the President of Volvo etc.

PG Gyllenhammar

I’m with the singer Charles Aznavour who was speculator on mine boats.

Se the Menu BRAZILIAN BOATS, which i sold with  exclusivity in France 1994.


I was working in Asia.

In Asia, I worked 1994 – 1997. I succceded to negotiate direct with the Chinese government and personally with their Chief of Security, one of the world’s most powerful men. I managed to invite delegates from the Malaysian government to Helsingborg in Sweden and Royal Sofiero Castle. I sold my unique and decorative safety cabinets of glass to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. Se the Menu CHINA AND MALAYSIA.


Both blindfolded and handcuffed can occur on my feasts. Do not miss seeing my movies….

Se the Menu FILM, where I have produced my JAMES BOND STORY and  OFFICE -85 with future PC/Computors etc.