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Paris Exhibition with Charles Aznavour, a potential customer and one of the “Greatest” French singers of all times.


BRAZIL and their beautifully designed Brazilian BOATS that are up to 12 meters long- was more than I could resist. I was offered to have exclusive rights to represent these fantastic boats in France starting off at the great Paris Exhibition in 1994.

It was too hard to resist the temptation. Even though I was incredibly busy with SKANDIA FRANCE and selling real estate on the French Riviera, I had gotten the sweet taste for these boats

At the last minute, I ordered the production of a website with moving boats circling around. The site was innovative at the time and got a lot of recognition. This was just before the big PARIS EXHIBITION in December 1994.

brasgirlsThe Brazilians in lively, colorful carnival costumes , see photo, attracted crowds of visitors to us.

One of them was Charles Aznavour, (see photo at one of the boats), perhaps France’s greatest singer, only after Edit Piaf. He was very likeable, a cheerful and humble man that was married to a Swedish woman!

Then we visited the highly reputable Schaefer yacht factory in Brazil, with beautifully designed RIOBOATS and, of course, with Volvo Penta engines. That alone made it a great experience.

The distance between Brazil and France caused several problems, one being delivery problems. Another that I had to pay for every boat and its delivery in advance, an impossibility without a credit line in France. It never became a profitable venture but was a different and memorable business experience!


Here I am with a 34 foot Schaefer Phantom in France.

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