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Chinese and Malaysian Governments

ASIA: MALAYSIA, CHINA, TAIWAN, SINGAPORE and other countries, known as the TIGER ECONOMIES were under an extraordinary expansion, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990 and the West was in shock for several years. The real estate market was totally paralyzed, as was my Skandia France, real estate on the French Riviera. Instead, I focused on these countries and happened to find a new Swedish designed and patented product,World’s Strongest Safe in Glass ”, In tests it proved stronger than steel components and was designed especially for museums, jewelry stores, armories and more.


Picture Left: I felt like a child entering these countries’ Embassies.  I was dining with a lot of prominent Chinese businessmen. Malaysia soon proved to be of great interest and I managed to invite parts of the Malaysian Government to the Royal Castle Sofiero outside Helsingborg, Sweden. (See the pictures.) They bought 12 safe-cabinets for the Malaysian National Museum, , and I guess they still exhibiting things in them today.




Picture Right: In China, I successfully managed on my own, to negotiate with the Chinese government, I met with the Chief of Security for the 1.3 billion Chinese living there, one of the world’s most powerful men. He warmly, as Chinese people often do, invited me back. From experience, it takes a long time for the Chinese to consider business proposals.





Picture Left: Test with an ax on the safety cabinets with glass front.






My time in Asia and Tiger economies was an experience of a lifetime!

When the real estate market started to take off again, I decided it was time to return to the French Riviera and my Real Estate Business SKANDIA FRANCE and the world’s most beautiful region with the deep blue Mediterranian and high stretching Alps in a dramatic natural mixture. We provide our mostly Scandinavian customers, apartments and villas with optimal locations.


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