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A royal entrance, with Hollywood star Lauren Bacall and I coming out of the jet, which I purchased on behalf of Volvo direct from the owner Dassaut at the famous Dassault plant in Bordeaux.


I welcome Christina and Per Gyllenhammar, President of Volvo, to “my” airport.

Mikhail Saakashvili

Year 2015 In Ukraine, I met the internationally renowned Mikhail Saakashvili. He is the former President of Georgia and current Gouvernor of Ukraine´s Odessa.

I was personally invited by the President of Provence – the French Riviera Christian ESTROSI to celebrate the National Holiday on July 14, 2016 at Nice. Estrosi is one of the most well-known politicians in France and was minister in three goverments and is a very close friend of the former President Sarkozy

I was personally invited by the President of Provence – the French Riviera Christian ESTROSI to celebrate the National Holiday on July 14, 2016 at Nice. Estrosi is one of the most well-known politicians in France and was minister in three goverments and is a very close friend of the former President Sarkozy

Tom Johnstone
One of the most greatest industrialists in Sweden, Tom Johnstone, President for SKF during 12 years, the world´s biggest ball bearing company and he is also member on many Boards, among them Volvo´s, so we had many common denominators to discuss during our dinner together. (Year 2016)

Fr v: Caroline Wennergren, känd sångerska (Melodifestivalen), Olle, Amelia Adamo och Leif Loket Olsson på affärsklubben Arena Göteborg.

From left: Caroline Wennergren, famous singer (European Song Contest), Olle, Amelia Adamo, the media Queen. who created countless numbers of fashion magazines and Leif Loket Olsson, one of the most popular TV personalities in Sweden at the business club- Arena Gothenburg.

Merlene Ottey, främsta idrottskvinnan i världen med 8 OS medaljer och 14 VM medaljer. och jag på Ullevi.

Merlene Ottey, one of the best athletes in the world, with eight Olympic medals and 14 World Championship medals. Here with me at the World Championships in Athletics in Gothenburg, Sweden 1995

Michael Johnson, här med världsmästaren på 200 och 400 meter med 4 OS och 8 VM medaljer.

Michael Johnson, one of the premier athletes of all time, with four Olympic gold medals and eight World Championship medals.
Here we are together at the 1995 World Championships in Athletics in Gothenburg, where he crushed the opposition at 200 and 400 meters.


Muhamed Ali sparring in Las Vegas before one of his last boxing matches. I am assisting him here.


I hosted a celebration dinner for Björn Borg after his victory over Vitas Guerilates in Gothenburg.

Amelia Adamo, mediadrottning med en fantastisk karriär, även kallad Sveriges Oprah Winfrey, har skapat ett otal modemagasin, bl a Amelia. Här på besök hos mig i Nice.

Amelia Adamo, a media queen that has had a great career as she has created countless fashion magazines, including Amelia. Also called the Swedish Oprah Winfrey. Here visiting me in Nice.

Ardy Strüver

Here with the renowned painter and artist Ardy Strüver, who now lives in Paris. He made many popular comedy programs for TV together with the artist Lasse Åberg.


Charles Aznavour, one of France’s “greatest” singer visits me at the Paris Exhibition speculating buying one of my Brazilian boats.


I received the prestigious commission by the president of Volvo P.G. Gyllenhammar to test and fly with my pilots at the Dassault factories in Bordeaux the advanced jet Falcon 10. The famous Charles Lindberg flew the same plane before us.


I had the opportunity to negotiate and sign the contract of sale with Olivier Dassault, here to the right. Dassault is one of the world leaders in the field of private and military aviation.

Gunnar Engellau

Gunnar Engellau, Volvo’s former President and my mentor, who assigned me the Gunnar Engellau Scholarship for Management Studies in one of the world’s most renowned universities, Berkeley in San Francisco. The university had 24 Nobel Prize winners when I was there in 1969. He also gave me a two years golf subscription.


Fred Perry, legend och unik som världsmästare i både tennis och bordtennis. Wimbledonmästare två gånger 1934-36. Första Grand Slamvinnaren.  Gästspelade i Karlskoga/Bofors runt 1956, som jag bevittnade, mot Kalle Schröder med 11 SM-titlar, som jag därefter hade äran att spela med.

Fred Perry, a legend and unique as the world champion in both tennis and table tennis (ping pong). Wimbledon champion twice 1934-36. First Grand Slam winner. Guest player in Karlskoga/ Bofors around 1956. An amazing match which I witnessed, against Donald Schroeder with 11 SM-titles. After their match, I had the honor to play with him.

Ulf af Trolle

Ulf af Trolle

Ulf af Trolle, my principal at the Business School in Gothenburg, Sweden and known as the “company doctor” and a member of the Volvo Board.
We had a productive discussion about Volvo and Volvo’s future. He told me that Engellau is his absolute biggest idol, who always before the Board meetings called around to all board members and wanted to hear their views before the board decision. When Ulf’s questioned him as to why he did this, when you can just merely decide at the board meeting. Gunnar’s response was, “You see Ulf, if it later turns out that the decisions were bad, I can blame everyone else: But, if the decision was a good one, I can take all the credit!”
This was a typical Engellau comment, with style, elegance and humor and always Volvo in his heart. No wonder he was also my idol and mentor.


Animated conversation with the Minister of Communications Anitha Bondestam, one of my close friends.

Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA’s founder.


I was invited to the Philippines by the International Chamber of Commerce with a thousand delegates from around the world. I met Ingvar Kamprad and reminded him discreetly that we met in my aunt’s art-inspired hotel in Ljungby about 15 years ago. Like the true gentleman he is, he excused himself that he did not recognize me! He said he was only there to observe.We waited among 1000s of delegates seated in a huge conference hall in anticipation of Dictator Marcos’arrival. We had to patiently wait for two hours before he found the time to appear. None of the 1000s of delegates of world rank dared to murmur a word of disapproval because the walls were covered with armed soldiers carrying machine guns. The dictator held an hour-long welcoming speech, as a true dictator does, and suddenly I almost jumped out of my chair. Without warning us delegates, Marcos proclaimed Ingvar Kamprad to be the World Entrepreneur of the Year.

Ingvar marched up the long marble staircase to the dictator’s pedestal. It was David and Goliath. I was thinking, how would Ingvar pull this off? Well, he was obviously brilliant and gave a remarkable and extremely humble speech. But clearly revealing he is a world class entrepreneur. Marcos retorted that this must be the most humble man in the world and Marcos was, of course, full of admiration.


I have danced with the big (Dictator’s wife Imelda Marcos. Haha), and I have danced with the little, they are all equally charming.

At this grand ending party evening, I was one of the few that got to dance with Imelda Marcos. The dictator’s wife had angel wings on her dress and with her well-known extravagant habit of collecting 2000 pairs of shoes, I felt I had to dance very carefully in order not to get the machine guns too menacingly close!

Git Gay är en alldeles rekordelig prima Primadonna. Så här såg inbjudningskorten ut till Gits succéshower på Lorensberg i Göteborg.

Git Gay is a “completely prima Primadonna”. Here Git’s success show at Lorensberg in Gothenburg. I was invited several times to visit her and her husband´s fashionable apartment in Cannes.


Prince Sigvard Bernadotte has created many incredibly beautifully designed objects. I was honored at get to know him under several dinners. He is a very friendly and easy going person. His wife, Marianne, I met later in Helsingborg and we once shared an umbrella on a rainy day.

Jag fick det här härliga fotot med Povel Ramel och Wenche Myhre under deras glansdagar tillsammans. Den är handskriven nedtill: ETT ENFALDIGT HYLLEHOPP FÖR FÖLSE-MÄRTHA (min moster) 16/6 -70 Povel R och Wenche

I got this lovely photo with
Povel Ramel and Wenche Myhre
during their glorious days together.
A message is handwritten at the bottom:
BIRTHDAY -MÄRTHA (my aunt) 16/6 -70”
Povel R and Wenche

SEB´s chefsekonom uttalar sig allt som oftast i TV, då världspolitiken debatteras. Här är vi i samråd i Juan-les-Pins i Frankrike.

SEB’s chief economist is often quoted or making a statement on television, when global policies are being discussed.
Here we are meeting in Juan-les-Pins, France.

Winquist, en av Sveriges främste industrialister, skapade kullagret och SKF och indirekt Volvo. Senare VD för Bofors före krigsutbrottet. Jag fick, av min pappa, hans handskrivna brev till den finske Fältmarskalken Baron Mannerheim, daterat 1934.

Winquist, is one of Sweden’s foremost industrialists. He created the ball bearings and SKF, the largest ball bearings company in the world and indirectly, Volvo. Later he served as President of Bofors before the outbreak of war. My father gave me Winquist’s handwritten letter to the Finnish Field Marshal Baron Mannerheim, dated in 1934. A historical document.

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