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City airport

Extract from the Governor Åke Norling:

“In 1977 the municipality of Gothenburg and the foremost representatives of the industry in Gothenburg (Volvo, SKF, SEB and others) assigned Olle Danielsson to build a full service civilian airport in Gothenburg. The airport would serve business and taxi aviation, retail and club aviation, police helicopters and more. He had full responsibility to lead and manage the development of this new civilian airport in Gothenburg, which also had a military airstrip ready for use.

Danielsson has from the first architectural drawing stage up to the interior decor and color scheme and successfully built 7 hangar halls, a fire station, passenger building, offices and restaurant, fuel system and installed a complete instrument landing system (ILS).

To celebrate the airport’s completion, he arranged for of a magnificent opening ceremony June 29, 1979. The Minister of Communications and 200 specially invited guests were present.  Danielsson was appointed President of the Gothenburg-City Airport and later even Chairman.

The airport employs about 100 people and has about 75 000 takeoffs and landings per year, which only Arlanda Airport in Stockholm surpasses (in Sweden).…..

Danielsson has also worked very successfully with the airport’s public relations, including for the opening festivities, through printed material about Gothenburg – City Airport and on TV and radio presentations and more.

Royal Swedish Aero Club (KSAK) has awarded its prestigious Merit of Gold to Danielsson for their outstanding contributions in Swedish flight aviation..

“In collaboration with municipalities, industry, civil aviation administration, military, customs, police, airport operators and flying clubs, Danielsson led the work and the result is a well-functioning airport. When on 31 March, 1983, at his own request due to foreign business prospects, left Gothenburg City Airport, I would gladly give him a high recommendation and good wishes. ”
– Åke Norling, governor

City airport

I was very cautious to be sure that the final decision to build the airport would be agreed upon by all political parties. I had a good working relationship with the four political leaders Åke Norling, Sören Mannheimer, Lennart Ström and Rune Thoren. I was probably the only successful one that could unite all these political parties in Volvo’s business airplane on route to a government meeting in Stockholm.
Lennart Johansson, President of SKF, was also one of my helpful allies

The head of the Air Force, was the first to visit the almost completed airport with a spectacular landing in a Viggen fighter. He got off the plane with his wife, and then she, in a comic contrast, took off her helmet and started crocheting. Put his helmet on again and off into the fighter plane again. We all experience the deafening roar that a true Viggen makes.

The head of the CAA  (Swedish Air Authority) was the next visitor, arriving almost simultaneously. He admired my pamphlet on the Airport and commissioned his staff to do something similar for CAA.

City airport

I was given the prestigious assignment of P. G. Gyllenhammar to go to the Dassault factory in Bordeaux. With my Volvo Pilots, we would do flying tests and purchase the advanced jet aircraft, Falcon 10. Charles Lindberg flew this same plane before us.

Anitha Bondestam was the acting communications minister and I asked her of course, to inaugurate Gothenburg City. I picked her up in the new jet plane and we landed at the inauguration ceremony. It was a quite grand opening filled with journalists, TV crews, Gothenburg’s head politicians, Gothenburg corporations, SAS’ President and others. The finishing ceremonies included: demonstration flights and a canon shooting from Chalmers artillery. TV recording and more are under MOVIES.

I invited Laureen Bacall, one of Hollywood’s most respected and popular actresses, to attend the Gothenburg City Airport grand opening. I picked her up, all alone, in the Volvo jet. We landed in front of the entire Swedish journalist core at “my” airport.

In 2014, Gothenburg City Airport was a hub for Ryanair and Wizzair with routes to 14 countries and serving 850,000 passengers per year. This made it one of the largest airports in Sweden.


Minister of Communications Anitha Bondestam holding the opening speech at the Gothenburg City Airport.


Olle Danielsson at the speaker’s podium.




Article in Dagens Industri..









I had decorated a VIP room for distinguished guests in the airport terminal and hung up a framed VIP board. On it all the signatures from my my time at the airport, including: King Carl Gustav, the former Prime Ministers Edward Heath, Laureen Bacall, Marcus Wallenberg, Per Gyllenhammar, Bjorn Borg, Sheeba and many others. A testimony of the airport’s prestige!

Unfortunately the Airport will Close, due to too expensive repair works of the airstrips.

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