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Hurra! The President of Volvo P.G. Gyllenhammar and I won a doubles-tennis tournament. From left: Karne Johansson, Bertil Stener, Nils Åkerman, P.G. Gyllenhammar, Olle Danielsson, Eskil Kalin, Tord Svanström och Lasse Pettersson

My tennis career

TENNIS was for me a youthful dream of success. Most young people have a similar dream for one sport or another. I grew up in a town called Karlskoga / Bofors in Sweden. The winters were long and we eagerly waited for the tennis courts to open in the spring.

Indoor coures did not exist then. I trained once with one of major players from that time, Kalle Schroeder, who was King Gustav V’s partner. Even Fred Perry, the legendary British Wimbledon winner visited Karlskoga. I also played with Mauritz Sahlin, later President of SKF and Sten Langenius, later President of Volvo Trucks. I won several local competitions and the Brazil Cup in Kristinehamn, Sweden. Over time, I became Volvo’s VOLVO MASTERS and held my title for two years. .

I had the honor of playing tennis with my friend Per G. Gyllenhammar, the President of Volvo, almost every week (see photo). We even won some double tournaments together. He was always a cheerful and fair competitor.
I did not live out my childhood dream of tennis tournaments in foreign countries, but tennis has given me an incredible pleasure over the years.


Volvo’s President Per Gyllenhammar and I win double tennis match together.



Per rewarding me with an honorable tennis price.




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I was responsible for the clothes for VOLVO IN SPORTS fashion-line for tennis, skiing, sailing, etc.



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