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Speaking about women requires a great deal of discretion. My friends have actually, insistently asked me to do so. It is well-known that I spent time with Hollywood’s stars and also women of class and style, poor, rich and famous, and always beautiful.




Lauren Bacall, one of Hollywood’s most respected and popular actresses. She was married to Hollywood’s grand old man Humphrey Bogart, I invited her during her presentation of her new book at a publishing company in Sweden to fly with me to my airport grand opening. I picked her up in a Volvo jet and it was just the two of us in the air. We landed in front of the entire Swedish journalist core at “my” airport- Gothenburg City Airport. I gave her a welcome-kiss when we got off the plane. The rest of that evening I got to wine and dine her. The following day, we met again and she brought her son. This was the beginning of our close friendship. Here she is with her husband Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe.

I met Lauren a few years ago again, at the world-famous Hotel Carlton in Cannes, when she was recording a film with Anthony Quinn. When she was alone at the table next to mine, I went up and she hugged me and told me that her son bought his first car, which was a Volvo, as I had presented Volvo for them in Gothenburg.

Netherland Universe. Here crowns for 2015 Mrs Netherlands Europe and Mrs Netherlands Universe ( Sophia De Boer ) (30 years+) with me as guest of honor, who also have been asked to organize the Mrs.Universe worldwide.


I met the superstar Kamaliya Zahoor of Russian origin, in Kiev and here together in Amsterdam 2016. She was elected Mrs World 2008. She is a celebrated singer with at least 20 music videos, she has composed over 50 songs, actress in several films, in 2015 with Sharon Stone etc, Television in Russia, Ukraine and British TV.

Picture right: SYIVIA VRETHAMMAR  Year 2017, this exceptional world artist at my home and dances and sings to my open minds.

Sylvia has over 40 years with her samba rhythms, scene dominansce and charisma captured a world with Germany, England, 1 million discs and the Guiness Book of records, the US and even China. She first became known as a hostess in the Swedish TV Hylands Hörna 1970.

She has participated in Swedish Eurovisison Song Contest five times.








Merlene Ottey, främsta idrottskvinnan i världen med 8 OS medaljer och 14 VM medaljer. och jag på Ullevi. Picture left: Merlene Ottey, outstanding world class women’s athlete  with eight Olympic medals and 14 World Championship medals. She was beautiful and desirable. I met her privately at the World Championships in Athletics in Gothenburg in 1995. I was one of the lucky few who dined with her in the evening.




Amelia Adamo, mediadrottning med en fantastisk karriär, även kallad Sveriges Oprah Winfrey, har skapat ett otal modemagasin, bl a Amelia. Här på besök hos mig i Nice.Fashion Journalist and media queen Amelia Adamo is an obvious favorite for me. I met her for the first time in Nice and managed to get her to participate in the prestigious and popular business club x Arena in
Gothenburg. She is a beautiful, attractive woman that is humble and has a sense of humor.




Bondestam Picture left: I asked Anitha Bondestam, as the current Communications minister, to inaugurate Gothenburg City Airport: I was commissioned to build and design this facility. She was a delightful, intelligent and a beautiful woman. Despite her ministerial status, and former head of the Swedish Computer Inspection Board, she was down-to-earth, humble, joyful and spiritual woman.






Below left: The Minister of Communications Anitha Bondestam invited me to her home with the elite of the Swedish representation, Prince Bernadotte, Ambassador etc and a red heart for me. A real honor! Here the Dinner seating-list


Above right: Anitha Bondestam and I relaxing on the beaches of Cannes, we were somewhat younger!

She invited me several times on the French Riviera. We hosted the evenings in her and her husband, Holger Garp’s beautiful apartment. There were no Swedish names to be found there, No Danielsson or any son-names for that matter. Present were names like: Bernadotte, Wallenbergare, etc. all the way.



Git Gay was the ultimate real prima donna with glitter, glamor and singing. Here on her always recurrent revue in Sweden.







I met the beautiful Norwegian singer Wenche Myhrefors the first time with Powel Ramel and Martin Ljung. at my aunt and uncle’s hotel in Ljungby. They had a great interest in art and this attracted the elite of artists, including world-famous Carl Milles and the famous singer, Zara Leander etc.

Wenche and I later each received from my aunt beautifully painted wooden sculptures. Then by chance, I found out that Britt Ekland was at the Park Hotel in Gothenburg. I rushed over to the hotel. But imagine my surprise; Wenche Myhre was sitting just a few tables next to Britt. I couldn’t possibly to go into the dining room when they were both sitting there! He who wishes for too much, sometimes gets nothing.





Of-course, I flirted with the James Bond bride, the world-famous, James Bond bridge Britt Ekland And with her fancy life style, I had to show up in my bright red Ferrari.



imeldaI have danced with the big (Dictator’s wife Imelda Marcos. Haha), and I have danced with the little, they are all equally charming.

On the grand ending party evening, hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce at Manila, capital of the Philippines, I was one of the few that got to dance with Imelda Marcos. The dictator’s wife had angel wings on her dress and with her well-known extravagant habit of collecting 2000 pairs of shoes; I felt I had to dance very carefully in order not to get the machine guns too menacingly close!






There you have some hopefully, discrete short texts about my beloved women. For me, women are always on a pedestal. I’m always good friends with all of them, including my charming former wife, whom I share two wonderful children together with.

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