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Volvo’s Vice President Per Ekstrom wrote this Certificate when I was responsible for a complete new Computer Building with a new generation of computers:

“Under Danielsson’s leadership during 1969-1971, Volvo-Data experienced its most expansive period ever. The revolutionary and epoch-making transition from second to third generation computers (IBM 360 and others) was implemented over these years. Thus Volvo-Data almost tripled its IT equipment inventory during this period and the number of employees doubled to 220 people.


I was 34 years old when I was appointed responsible for the birth of a third-generation of IBM computers at Volvo. It was a huge step in computer development, which influenced Volvo’s production and parts management worldwide.

volvoab7En completely new Computer building was completed during the same period by Danielsson as the initiator, inspirer and promoter. The project is housed in a building that is 11.370 m2 and has attracted a great deal of attention for the revolutionary ideas and forward-thinking in design that Olle demonstrated. The Data Center is widely regarded as a building well ahead of its time.

Olle Danielsson has done an extraordinarily rapid career with Volvo and the results are extremely goal oriented and he shows a responsible leadership style. He has presented creative and forward-thinking presentations for Volvo-Data’s board. As the boards Chairman, I have witnessed his proposals consistently getting approved.”

Certificate from Volvo’s Vice President Per Ekstrom

During this development period, Volvo had to build up operating systems for car production, spare parts management, etc., in collaboration with IBM, and only a handful of specialists mastered the technique of getting a working system with the computer language, Fortran, etc. At first I was responsible for this division of Volvo-Data and then became Manager for the whole Volvo-Data.

Volvo Data is today called VOLVO IT and is the largest of its kind in Sweden with 6000 employees world-wide.


Here, the 1971 completed the new and drew attention state of the art data building, which I initiated as new head of Volvo-Data in 1969 and still operates, now under the name of Volvo IT.

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Volvo IT has subtly grown into the largest IT company in Sweden, with over 6000 employees throughout the world.

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