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1971-1983 was an intensive period in my life filled with memorable experiences that have influenced me greatly. This are my years on Volvo’s Management Board with P.G. Gylllenhammar as my boss and President.

Volvo AB

I inform my boss and President P.G. Gyllenhammar, Vice President Per Ekström and the future President Gunnar L. Johansson of Volvo’s efficiency measure plans.

My management with responsibility for 300 employees (from the Certificate of my boss P.G. Gyllenhammar):

“Purchasing Manager at Volvo Gothenburg for office equipment, including: purchasing of 2300 office machines, office furniture, planning and scheduling for the office, purchasing of all print production, such as advertising-catalogs for cars and trucks, SP-pressure, etc., and even for subsidiaries, general agents and dealers. Every year, Volvo bought 1,200 tons printed material. This made Volvo a company with the one of the largest printing demands in Sweden, which required making use of printers all across Europe.

PR manager for Volvo’s business visitors , about 60.000 visitors a year. This includes: Volvo Hall, “Volvohallen”, a beautiful Exhibition and Congress center, corporate exhibits and the Car Museum housing about thirty cars.

Corporate Identification of the Volvo Group worldwide. I was responsible for the development of Volvo’s complete identification program striving for a uniform profile for the Volvo brand: vehicles, product labeling, signs, buildings, color schemes. Including “Volvo In Sports” which designed clothes for tennis, boating, and skiing, as Volvo is the main sponsor of several major tournaments around the world.

Office Management for Volvo Gothenburg including telephone switchboards which connected approximately 20,000 calls per day and 30 operators, secretaries, 2.7 tons of mail per day, 8000 trips per year in travel business, language translations of about 25 different languages.

Administrative business consulting within the company.

Management of the Company’s airline operations, with pilots and mechanics. Including the purchases of advanced business jet, as Falcon 10 at the DASSAULT in Bordeau.”

End of President Gyllenhammars Certificate.

Museum Cars, Volvo’s has collected cars and trucks over the years. My board assigned me to sell the cars when they were having financial problems. Fortunately, I did not follow this order, so you can still get a look at the historic Volvo vehicles at Arendal Skans in Torslanda, Gothenburg.


I represented the Swedish business community in the International Chamber of Commerce ”Commission on Postal and Telecommunications Services” in Paris.

1976, I was appointed DIRECTOR of the Volvo Group, making me the youngest director at Volvo.

Gunnar Engellau

Former President Gunnar Engellau, was the founder of the largest industrial expansion of Volvo and an creating an ultra-modern headquarters. He awarded me The Gunnar Engellau Scholarship for Management Studies at one of the world’s most renowned universities, BERKELY i San Francisco. They could proudly claim: 24 Nobel Prize winners when I was there in 1969. He also gave me a two year golf membership

Upon returning home, I was appointed President of VOLVO-DATA at 34 years of age. .



Gunnar L. Johansson was appointed President after Gyllenhammar, who assumed the title of CEO. Gunnar L. and I discuss Volvo’s future administration.

I was responsible for the creation and management of VOLVO-DATA/VOLVO IT with a completely new computer system and new computer equipment. More information see the Menu VOLVO-DATA/VOLVO IT.

I initiated the ”Office 85” ”KONTOR 85” 1977 as a DVD (see the Manu FILM), starting a new generation of PC/Computers  with computer-controlled telephone switchboards. At the same time, I created with the Swedish Telecommunications Authorities a description of the future computers in cooperation with the world’s leading computer manufacturers in California, IBM, Rank Xerox etc. More information see the Menu FUTURE PC/COMPUTERS.

Responsible for the Construction and Design of GOTHENBURG CITY AIRPORT, Gothenburg, Sweden. As far as airport size, the Airport is the third largest airport in Sweden. I was the President and Chairman. More information see the Menu GÖTEBORG CITY AIRPORT.

1983, I felt I fulfilled my goals and ambitions within the Volvo corporation and I discussed with P.G. Gyllenhammar that I wanted to start my own company. He gave me consultant commissions, so I could work parallel with Volvo and at the same time start SKANDIA FRANCE, quickly became one of the largest real estate agents in Scandinavia in the FRENCH RIVIERA and I devoted myself and with my two children to SKANDIA FRANCE´s future development.
More information see the Menu SKANDIA FRANCE.


Volvo’s headquarters built up by Gunnar Engellau ….

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